[Metamorphoses. French] Ovidius Naso, Publius.

Ocyroe en Iument

    IllustrationNo: 20
InBook: Book02
Page: 60
Title: Ocyroe en Iument
TitleE: Ocyroe changed into a mare
Artist: Jean Matheus
Technique: Engraving
Meadium: Paper
巻番号: 巻2
タイトル: 馬に変身したオキュロエ
作者: ジャン・マテウス
Code Text
97CC8   Ocyroe changed into a mare: when she is foretelling the fates of her father Chiron and the young Aesculapius, Ocyroe is changed into a mare (Ovid, Metamorphoses II 657)