[Metamorphoses. French] Ovidius Naso, Publius.

Apollon Coronis

    IllustrationNo: 19
InBook: Book02
Page: 58
Title: Apollon Coronis
TitleE: Apollo shoots Coronis
Artist: Isaac Briot
Technique: Engraving
Meadium: Paper
巻番号: 巻2
タイトル: アポロとコロニス
作者: イザーク・ブリオ
Code Text
97N4   crow changed from white to black: because the crow has betrayed Coronis' infidelity, Apollo changes it from white to black (Ovid, Metamorphoses II 631)
92B3242   Apollo shoots Coronis, but repenting his act he tries in vain to recall her to life