[Metamorphoses. French] Ovidius Naso, Publius.

Argus Mercure Io Iupiter

    IllustrationNo: 13
InBook: Book01
Page: 28
Title: Argus Mercure Io Iupiter
TitleE: "Jupiter woos Io, Argus, Mercury"
Artist: (firens)
Technique: Engraving
Meadium: Paper
巻番号: 巻1
タイトル: イオとユピテル、メルクリウスとアルゴス
作者: (フィレンス)
Code Text
92B1219   Jupiter, shrouded in a cloud, woos Io, daughter of Inachus; Juno may be watching the lovers
97CC6   Io changed into a cow: to avoid detection by Juno, Jupiter changes Io into a cow (Ovid, Metamorphoses I 611)
97CC641   Mercury beheads Argus
97CC62   Io as a cow watched by Argus
97CC621   Io is petted by Inachus, her father, and her sisters
97D12   Juno sets Argus' eyes on her peacock, after Argus, while watching Io, has been slain by Mercury