[Metamorphoses. French] Ovidius Naso, Publius.

Apollon Daphne

    IllustrationNo: 12
InBook: Book01
Page: 23
Title: Apollon Daphne
TitleE: Apollo and Daphne
Artist: Isaac Briot
Technique: Engraving
Meadium: Paper
巻番号: 巻1
タイトル: アポロとダフネ
作者: イザーク・ブリオ
Code Text
92B325   Apollo pursuing the nymph Daphne (as yet not metamorphosed)
97AA1   Daphne changed into a laurel-tree: while fleeing from Apollo, Daphne is changed into a laurel-tree by her father Peneus (Ovid, Metamorphoses I 548)
92D1916   cupids: 'amores', 'amoretti', 'putti'