[Metamorphoses. French] Ovidius Naso, Publius.

Scylla en monstre

    IllustrationNo: 115
InBook: Book14
Page: 395
Title: Scylla en monstre
TitleE: Scylla changed into a sea monster by the jealousy of Circe
Artist: Isaac Briot
Technique: Engraving
Meadium: Paper
巻番号: 巻14
タイトル: 怪物に変身したスキュラ
作者: イザーク・ブリオ
Code Text
97FF9(SCYLLA)   Scylla, as a monster, turns into a rock
97EE3   Scylla changed into a sea-monster: Circe, to whom Glaucus has applied for aid in his love suit, changes Scylla the sea-nymph into a sea-monster (Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 59)